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Read Every Label And Select Only The Best!

At our heart is a passion for purity - every bite is a testament to our love affair with quality. We're talking real American cheese from "New School" that melts just right, high-quality meats from grass-fed organic to wagyu that are as rich in taste as they are in nutrients, the softest brioche buns from Balthazar bakery, and hand-cut fries cooked in tallow for that unbeatable crispy goodness. It's not just food; it's our craft, intentionally created to provide a flavorful experience you feel good about.


Bite Into Better!

We're obsessed - and we mean OBSESSED - with what goes into our food. Every label gets the third degree before it makes the cut in our kitchen. Why? Because we're all about keeping things real, clean, and utterly delicious. For the meat connoisseurs, our selection is like a love letter to carnivores - from prime cuts you can take home to our legendary smash burgers that'll have you singing praises. Ditch those refined oils; our golden tallow is the secret behind the magic in our kitchen, giving our dishes that irresistible, lip-smacking goodness. It's not just a meal; it's a masterpiece


From Our Family To Yours!

Hey there, fellow food-loving families! We're just like you - parents who dreamed of a place where we could enjoy a meal out with our kids without the stress of scanning ingredient lists or worrying about what's actually on their plates. That's why we created Burger & Butcher, where the only thing you'll be questioning is whether to get a second helping of tallow fries. Our journey began with a simple goal: to have a local, go-to spot that our whole family would love. Welcome to our dream come true!